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Shimano Torsa 40 Hi-Speed Lever-Drag Jigging/Casting Reel

Shimano has a fondness for setting the bar high when it comes to standards with technological innovation. They have done it again when the company took baitcasting to a whole new level with the very peculiar looking reel. The Shimano Torsa Series are a dream come true in terms of flexibility for offshore and inshore anglers alike. This incredibly versatile new Reel promises to deliver more speed, more power, more versatility, and improved castability, all with a greater level of refinement than ever before seen in a single premium Fishing Reel.

One defining feature of the Shimano Torsa Reels are their Rapid-Fire Interchangable Drag Cams. Shimano's Rapid Fire Quick Change Drag Cam System enables the versatile Torsa reel to cater to specific fishing techniques. By inserting one of 9 available Rapid Fire drag cams, you completely change how the reel is set up to fish within a matter of seconds. No tools required, and no screws to fall onto the deck of the boat.

 The Shimano Torsa 40 is the Ultimate High-Speed Jigging Reel!  With up to 50lbs of drag with the L.R,S cam, there are few fish safe in the ocean. The Torsa 40 will hold about 700 yards of 80lb Spectra. Another great feature is the castability of this reel. The Shimano Torsa Series Reels are a great choice to use on your "Pitch Bait" rod for Marlin and other species.


Shimano Torsa 40 Features:

  • Forged & Machined Aluminum Frame, Spool and Sideplates
  • Super Stopper
  • Ratcheting Drag Lever
  • Ergonomic Power Handle
  • Clicker
  • Metal Series
  • Harness Lugs
  • S A-RB (Shielded A-RB Bearings)
  • A-RB Roller Bearing
  • Redundant Anti-Reverse System (Oversized Roller Bearings and Spring-loaded Ratchet and Pawl)
  • Large Diameter Drag System
  • Rapid-Fire Drag Cam System



    Other Great Features:

    [1] Intricate machining of the spool reduces the overall weight of the spool for lower startup inertia. This means it takes less energy to get the spool spinning for less chance of backlash. The machining is more drastic at the center of the spool, which effectively distributes the mass outward. The result is similar to a bicycle wheel, where most of the mass is in the tire. This allows the spool to continue to spin longer.



    [2] Torsa reels are equipped with a 4-weight Variable Brake System (VBS). These weights are driven outward by centrifugal force at the beginning of the cast to slow down the spool’s rotation. As the spool slows, the brakes retreat, allowing the spool to continue to spin. This provides the angler with a more consistent spool speed, which means
    a much more manageable cast.



    [3] The spool lip on the handle side of the reel is higher than the non-handle side of the reel. This aids in castability by giving the angler a
    smooth, consistent surface to thumb the spool, rather than thumbing the line itself. This results in a more manageable cast



    [4] This extremely smooth cranking helically cut drive gear is the largest in Shimano reel history, and provides unbelievable power along with a high speed retrieve.



    [5] Because of the oversized sideplate and spool, Torsa reels are able to accommodate an extremely large drag washer in relation tot he size of the reel. This washer, made of the same proven material found in Tiagra reels, provides an incredible range of drag pressures, while providing low startup inertia for an extremely smooth drag.



    [6] The Ergonomic Power Grip provides comfort and reduces fatigue, while the extremely long handle shank increases torque. Also, by bending the shank at strategic locations, the grip moves closer to the reel to reduce wobble during fast retrieves.



    [7] Just like when trying to jack up a car, a longer lever means more power. Increasing the size of the gears effectively gives the angler
    a longer lever, as shown in step 4. This results in a High Speed reel with unbelievably High Power.





    Understanding Lever Drags

    Lever drag reels have the advantage of being able to quickly and precisely increase or reduce drag depending on the circumstances. However, the amount of drag applied through the lever’s travel (the drag curve) is fixed, thereby limiting the effectiveness of the reel.



    [1] This is an example of a typical lever drag curve that has about 8 pounds of drag at Strike. From freespool to Full, the drag increases on a fairly predictable curve.



    [2] If you’re fishing with heavier line and you tighten the preset knob by 2 pounds at the Strike position, you increase the drag by 2 pounds at EVERY position. However, this is at the expense of lost freespool (see left end of drag curve). This is not an ideal situation.



    [3] If you’re fishing with lighter line and you loosen the preset knob, you decrease the drag overall. However, the drag lever has to travel through three-quarters of its range before any drag is applied at all. This is not ideal, either.
  • Model
    Line Retrieve Per Crank (in)
    Line Capacity (# Test/Yards)
    Gear Ratio
    Weight (oz)
    Frame, Spool & Sideplate Material
    A-RB Ball Bearings
    Roller Bearings
    30/470, 40/320,50/260
    Forged & Machined Aluminum
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