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Tournament Cable Ballyhoo Needles

This kit contains 4 individual tools, each with some very unique features, that will make rigging Ballyhoo much easier. The design of these tools will also give you the ability to rig Ballyhoo in some ways that you couldn't before.
  • OPEN EYE NEEDLE - A 9" open eye needle with a brass hex handle. Besides other uses this needle is used to pull the cable loop back thru the Ballyhoo and out the vent. This needle is a must if you will be rigging with our Double Hook Cable rigs.

  • SPLIT BILL RIGGING TOOL - This tool has two functions. The drill on the one end is used to put a small hole in the bill of a Ballyhoo. When rigging a Split-Bill Ballyhoo, after you split the bill, the leader will now fit into the hole made by the tool. The bill, which is normaly kept spread apart by the thickness of the leader, will go back together perfectly. Another option is to drill the hole and NOT split the bill. Instead of spliting the bill after drilling the hole run the unfinished leader end up thru the hole and finish rigging by wrapping the bill with the wire. Don't split the bill at all. Now you have an even cleaner Split-Bill ballyhoo. The needle at the other end of the tool is used for a variety of rigging steps, but is most often used to help insert rigging wire and the like thru baits.

  • BALLYHOO CLEANING TOOL - This tool is used to clean out the entire stomach cavity of a Ballyhoo. It will not only remove the crap but will also remove the entrails. Including the swim bladder and intestines as well as the entire stomach. By cleaning out the entire stomach cavity the bait will last much longer in the cooler and while being trolled. A Ballyhoo rigged to swim will look more natural because there is no swim bladder full of air which will normally effect how the bait swims.

    To use the tool twist the screw end into the vent. While twisting the tool push it in towards the gills at the same time. Keep twisting and after a few turns start to back out the tool. At this point you will notice the insides comming out the vent. You might have to repeat this a couple of times and even thumb or squeeze the bait but with practice you will get everything out and end up with far superior baits.

  • BALLYHOO DE-BONER - This is not a de-boner in the true sense of the word. What this tool does is two things. It is used to remove a small section of the Ballyhoo's backbone while at the same time creating a small hole in the top of the bait. This hole is needed for the cable to go thru when rigging a double hook cable rig with the rear hook coming out of the top of the bait. It will also be required when rigging a weedless single hook bait.

    Another use for the tool is to make the bait more flexable and limber for better swimming action. Most riggers will "pinch" the backbone of a Ballyhoo from one end to the other. This separates and cracks the rib bones. This is very effective but in most cases will de-form the bait and removes a fair amount of scales. The natural bait doesn't look so natural anymore.

    A better way to limber the bait is to use the de-boner and break the backbone from the inside. The deboner is inserted in the anal vent and pushed up into the stomach cavity. By sliding the notched end of the deboner on the ribs you will be able to feel the backbone. When you can feel the deboner at the spot you want to break the bone just push in slightly and twist. With practice you will be able to make an extremely limber bait that looks like it was never touched.


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