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Shimano is a world renowned company that strives to be the best in everything they make from Bike Components, Snowboard Gear to Fishing Reels. Shimano Fishing Reels are among the highest quality in the world, offering many models featuring the best materials and technology available today. Whether you’re looking to land a Rainbow Trout in a secluded stream far from civilization or battling with a massive 1200lb Giant Bluefin Tuna off the coast of New England you can trust your Shimano equipment will not fail. No matter where you are in the world or what species you are after, you can count on Shimano Fishing Reels to suite the most frugal fisherman to the most demanding reputable Tournament/Charter Fisherman anywhere! When there’s “money on the line” or you’re enjoying time in the great outdoors make sure you put your trust in a reel that is often copied but never duplicated! To ensure long life with any Fishing Reel they must be properly maintained. Shimano also has one of the largest webs of service centers and parts warehouses to ensure you will never be without your favorite reels.


When choosing a Fishing Reel there are two basic choices Conventional and Spinning, each having advantages towards your specific need and application. Most features to look for are number of ball bearings and gear ratios. Fisherman’s Outfitter has the knowledge and experience to help you decide which type and model is best for your needs.


All models available, if there is a Shimano fishing reel model that is not listed on our site please contact us to check availability.


Shimano Conventional Fishing Reels

Conventional reels use a direct gear drive system that spins the spool backwards in order to gain line and allows for a complete disengage of the spool to cast or drop back baits and lures. While they are more difficult to cast, conventional reels are generally used for heavier duty fishing such as Big-Game Trolling and deep water jigging because of their natural ability to produce more torque and natural placement of line. Shimano offers 3 different type conventional reels consisting of Lever Drag, Star Drag and Bait-casting reels all with different gear-ratios and features.


Shimano Lever Drag Fishing Reels

Lever Drag fishing reels are the work-horses in the fishing reel world. Designed for Heavy-Duty Trolling and Jigging because of their larger drag washers, they can generate a much smoother stopping power than their Star-Drag cousins. The drag is operated by a “lever” that when pushed forward increases drag much like the brakes in a car. Lever drag reels can be “Pre-set” to a specific tension making them much more reliable and accurate. Some models are available with a 2-speed gearing mechanism. The low speed is for increased torque and power but sacrifices the amount of line that is pulled in per crank of the handle. Some lighter duty models also feature a “level-wind” system that evenly guides the line onto the spool. The downside to a lever drag reel is that they are usually more cumbersome and less cast friendly because the drag system is housed in the spool.


Shimano Star Drag Fishing Reels

Star Drag fishing reels are the tried and true original design for fishing reels, extremely reliable and made for a wide variety fishing applications. Their name is for the “star” shaped dial that increases drag tension as you tighten down the dial. Star drag reels come in all sorts of sizes and gear ratios. The lower gear ratios are better for when an angler is looking for power, while the higher speed models are generally used by fisherman targeting species in deep water. Many models are available with a “level-wind” for even line lay on the spool. Star drag reels can cast further with less effort than their lever drag cousins because the drag system is housed in a gear box separate from the spool.


Shimano Bait Casting Reels

Bait casting reels are a specialized conventional reel designed for casting bait or lures with ease. Although harder to cast than a spinning reel your line will last longer and you will achieve further casts with practice. Bait casters are generally designed for inshore fishing and lighter duty use because they are machined lighter for maximum comfort and versatility. Most bait casters have a variable braking system built on the spool to fine tune them for maximum casting distances and prevent backlashes that commonly plague fisherman. They are available with and without level wind systems.


Shimano Spinning Reels

The spinning reel is designed to be virtually backlash free and easy to use, a great choice for a beginner fisherman! Spinning reels have a bail system that “spins” the line around the fixed spool that automatically oscillates up and down to lay the line evenly. Shimano spinning reels have revolutionized the fishing industry by leading the way with technological advances in materials and designs. Spinning reels are available in two different classes “Offshore and Inshore.”


All models available, if there is a Shimano spinning reel not listed on our site please contact us to check availability.


Shimano Offshore Fishing Reels

Offshore Spinning reels are the newest addition to the Spinning reel family. With the evolution of materials and the advent of braided lines, casting to large pelagics has become increasingly popular among fisherman. Offshore reels are generally much larger than Inshore fishing reels because of the large line capacity needed to subdue some of the largest fish in the ocean. With advanced drag systems, stronger frames, gears, shafts and spools it is now possible to pitch live-baits and cast large lures to breaking fish with ease of spinning tackle.


Shimano Inshore Fishing Reels

There are many different manufacturers that claim to have the “ultimate” in performance and durability for their inshore spinning reels. Shimano has a huge variety of inshore reels to accommodate ultra-light fresh water anglers to medium duty saltwater anglers. Shimano makes a model for just about every application you can think of.