Shimano Fishing Rods & Reels


John Maher: Hi, I’m John Maher. Today I’m here with Joe Curcuru, manager of Fisherman’s Outfitter in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Today we’re talking about Shimano fishing rods and reels. Welcome, Joe.

Joe Curcuru: Thanks for having me here, John.

John: Joe, tell me, why does Shimano perform better than other products?

Joe: Shimano is a specialty company. They make all sorts of different rods and reels and specialty tackle equipment. They really focus on high?quality materials and innovations.

John: What are the different types of Shimano fishing rods?

Joe: That’s one of the best things about Shimano, is they make all sorts of different price ranges. They have something for everybody. They make species?specific rods, technique?specific rods. They have a different fishing rod for every different application.

John: Let’s talk about a couple of those applications. If I’m going after, say, tuna, what type of rod would I use?

Joe: Most guys would use probably either a trolling or a stand?up type of rod. Now, people are getting into the whole jigging aspect as well. High?speed jigging with specialty jigs, what they call butterfly jigs, that’s a pretty exciting way to fish. You’re pretty much tied directly to the fish.

John: What’s a jig?

Joe: A jig would be like a metal, artificial lure with hooks that hang off the bottom or the top.

John: Are there certain rods that you would use for the jigging?

Joe: Yeah, you need more of a parabolic rod. The rod needs to load up to make the jig move right. That’s one of the things that Shimano got right. They made a whole line of rods and reels that specifically are for that type of fishing.

John: What about smaller game that you’re going after, whether it’s stripers or something like that?

Joe: See, they make all sorts of different surf rods, boat rods, and everything in between, spinning rods, conventional rods. They just really make everything.

John: So depending on what type of fish you’re going after, you really should go and try to get a rod that specifically matches that type of fish that you’re going after?

Joe: You should probably go in and feel the different types of rods to get a feeling for them, because each one feels different in your hands. One rod might not suit another person. It’s like a glove.

John: Shimano obviously makes great reels as well. What are the types of reels that Shimano makes?

Joe: Just all their other stuff, they make everything from low end to high end. They have everything in between. It really depends on what you want to spend. They make the absolute highest quality reels. They use the best materials and the best technology.

John: What are the different types of reels?

Joe: They’re anywhere from ultra light freshwater graphite reels to the heavy?duty big game aluminum trolling reels.

John: What are the different sizes for? I’ve seen these really small ones that are just maybe a few inches in diameter, and then I’ve seen these absolutely giant ones that have a huge crank on them. What are those different sizes for?

Joe: Basically, the bigger the reel the bigger the winch. If you’re going after, say, trout, you don’t want a big trolling reel. You want a little ultra light freshwater reel. That’s really the way to do it.

John: If somebody wants to know, “Hey, what combination of rod and reel should I use?” should they call you up and ask you guys?

Joe: Absolutely. Like I said, everybody has a different type of fishing technique. If you’re going after a world record, say, striped bass, then you want a real high quality reel that can hold a real light line and perform under every condition you need it to, then you’re going to need something different than for the every day weekend warrior.

John: All right, Joe, thanks very much for talking to me.

Joe: You’re welcome. Thanks for having me here, John.

John: For more information, you can visit or call Joe at 1?800?500?TUNA. That’s 1?800?500?TUNA.