Custom Jigging Rods

“Custom Jigging Rods
A saltwater fisherman deserves custom jigging rods that can handle the stress. Our inshore custom fishing rods offer superior performance and durability, and can be custom-built for your specific needs
The Cod/Grouper Custom Jigging Rod
This Custom Hand-Crafted 7’2" 40-80lb Cod/Grouper Jigging Rod is designed for jigging all day long.

The Guides are constructed with Stainless Steel Frames and High-Impact Ceramic. This makes them extremely durable to handle all types of line including spectra and dacron braided line.
The Blank is constructed of High-End E-Glass
The Foregrip is 6" EVA and the Reargrip is a 15" Split EVA Style for tucking under the arm.

Not only is this custom jigging rod popular among Northeast fisherman for cod, it’s also a preferred fishing rod for the gulf states for grouper and other species that require the extra power to lift them off the bottom. Our inshore custom fishing rod is light yet extremely strong for fishing all day long!!!”