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  • Yellowfin Tuna Profile
    Yellowfin tuna is an abundant tropical tuna, found throughout the warmer reaches of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Yellowfin tuna are considered a single species in all oceans. Like the other tunas, yellowfin are well known for their physical beauty and powerful swimming.
  • California Long Range Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Part 1 
    The month I always look forward to with the greatest anticipation is October. It marks the start of fall and long-range fishing California-style, my favorite. If you’ve never experienced long-range fishing, it’s unlike anything you’ve done before.
  • California Long Range Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Part 2 
    We had been at anchor for four days straight without moving – 24 hours per day of nonstop wide open tuna bite! We’d been averaging two hours sleep per day because the night bite had been phenomenal – every night!
  • Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna in the Canyons
    The fishing in the northeast canyons is exceptional. Every highy migratory big game fish that swims in the Atlantic is there. Marlin , both blues and whites, are abundant with some of the Blues approaching grander proportions. Swordfish prowl the depths and arise at night to feed. Yellowfin, BigEye, Bluefin, and Albacore tunas abound with multiple hookups common.
  • Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charters
    Are you planning a yellowfin tuna fishing trip? Check out our Pro Staff.