Sinkers and Fishing Weights

“Fishing Weights for Light and Heavy Currents
Fishing sinkers work both ways – for fishing deep, down and low and fishing wide and high. Fisherman’s Outfitter carries two kinds of fishing weights: bank lead sinkers and egg-shaped lead sinkers.

When to Use Bank Lead Sinkers:
Our bank lead sinkers take your bait rigs down deep to attract bigger fish. These are great drop sinkers, and are particularly effective in heavier currents.

When to Use Egg-Shaped Lead Sinkers:
Egg-shaped lead sinkers are more aerodynamic, which makes them easier for retrieval. The line will slip through the egg so the fish will not feel the weight of the sinker when it picks up the bait.

Egg lead sinkers and cigar trolling lead sinkers give you direct contact with your bait for better feel of the bite. These kinds of sinkers are great when you want your bait to drift with current, spreading your presentation.

Questions? Call or email for answers from the Gloucester fishermen.”