Lindgren Pitman Electric Drives

In order to help new and potential customers get a feel for a company’s integrity it never hurts to provide a little history. While some companies can boast they have been in business longer, Lindgren-Pitman has provided over 30 years of products and services to the fishing industry. Like most companies starting out, our reputation and promotion was established solely by “word of mouth”. As the business grew we did trade shows and print media but still the vast majority of our sales were from the referrals of satisfied customers. As the internet becomes an ever more valuable tool for getting the word out about Lindgren-Pitman, we still operate as a company that is connected to its customers and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our products exceed their expectations.
Lindgren-Pitman Inc. was founded in 1975 by Peter Lindgren and John Pitman in small three hundred square foot warehouse in Pompano Beach Florida. Pete held a degree in mechanical engineering while John held one in electrical. Together they established themselves as the local “go to guys” when it came to manufacturing deck gear for the emerging longline fishing industry. Innovation was the name of the game and together they had no shortage of ideas to increase efficiency. One of the first products produced was an electric motor conversion on a Penn Senator fishing reel. It established the Lindgren-Pitman name as a maker of quality fishing gear, with the original reel still in use today! Slowly we grew, moving into a twelve hundred square foot building. In 1977 Pete’s cousin Jack Lindgren joined the business to help cover the ever increasing production requirements. Eight years later Jacks brother Darin was recruited making Lindgren-Pitman a truly family run business.
As time went on John Pitman left Lindgren-Pitman to establish Commercial Marine Electronics. Meanwhile Pete continued to grow and expand his business. Lindgren-Pitman became the first company to engineer a longline spool specifically for monofilament fishing line. This improved version of fishing reduced crew size and really bolstered Lindgren-Pitman’s image as the premier manufacturer of pelagic longline products. The next step was designing and producing our own line of commercial grade fishing line, what was to become Primeline®. Doing so made it possible for our customers purchase an entire longline system that is specifically designed to work together as a complete package. There were many more innovations along the way. Hydraulic line setters, leader carts, hauling blocks, chemical lightsticks, floats, timers and counters were all developed and improved upon.
Today Lindgren-Pitman continues its tradition as an innovator in our 37,000 square foot facility. New products include the Electralume® fishing light. Introduced as the first LED powered fishing light; it became the light of choice for sword fishermen everywhere. Our new Generation 3 line of Super Spool longline reels incorporate a whole host of innovative features including a large diameter core that greatly improves monofilament life. Even our first product, the electric reel has now evolved into the S-1200, the worlds most advanced 12-volt electric fishing reel. As you browse our website you will see the many products we manufacture and distribute, all of which carry the Lindgren-Pitman stamp of approval.
The future holds great promise for Lindgren-Pitman as we continue to change with the times. On all fronts Lindgren-Pitman is the choice of professional fishermen throughout the world. We thank you for taking the time to look over our products and feel free to email us any question you might have. We remain the leader in our industry by providing the personal service only a family run business can provide.