Fisherman’s Outfitter Pro Fishing Staff

Our pro staff consists of highly qualified captains in Massachusetts and Florida who provide guide service for our customer who wish to take a guided trip. On the ocean, all of these pros use tackle that is sold by Fisherman’s Outfitter. On the web, they are committed to providing you, our customer, with articles, tips, and techniques that will help you catch more fish more consistently. If you would like to send one of our pro staff members a question about Tuna, Shark, Marlin, Billfish, or other offshore fishing, please don’t hesitate. We will always provide you the answer that you are looking for.

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Pro Staff – Massachusetts

Damon Sacco Castafari Charters
Cape Cod, Mass
Specializes in Inshore Stripers and Bluefin, NE Canyon Trips, and Giant Tuna Fishing in Cape Cod Bay/Chatham.
Capt. Dave Carraro
412-759-3584 Fishing Charters
Gloucester, M.A. 01930
Specializing in Bluefin Tuna Charters as well as Striped Bass and Deep Sea Cod and Haddock Charters.
Jan Waalewyn Yankee Charters
Gloucester, Mass
Specializes in trolling for Giant Bluefin, chunking/baitfishing for Giants in Chatham, Massachusetts.
Captain Tom King Scituate, Mass Specializing in shark fishing in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts.

Pro Staff – Florida

Dean Panos Double D Charters
Miami, FL
Specializes in live bait Kite Fishing/Drift Fish for Kings, Sails, Wahoo, and Tuna.
Freddy David Frick & Frack Charters
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Specializes in Trolling, Baitfishing, and Swordfishing in Florida and the Bahamas.

Seattle Fishing Charter – A fishing guide’s fishing guide. No one knows Seattle fishing better. Captain Gary Krein’s hybrid approach to tracking and finding game fish allows him to know exactly where to go on any given day.


Recent Questions Answered by our Pro Staff

1. Weedless Spreader Bars

Question: Dear Pro Staff, When trolling for bluefin tuna, I often encounter weeds which snag my spreader lures and cut down on my productive fishing time. How do I make my squid spreader bars weedless when trolling for bluefin tuna? D Romano – Gloucester, Mass

Answer: Take a piece of light rigging floss and sew it from the shark to just behind the barb. This will deflect weeds. To make your hooks troll upright, pinch a small piece of lead flashing (found at a hardware or roofing supply store) onto the shank of the hook using pliers. Leave more lead, and hence more weight, on the shank of the hook. In orther words, pinch the flashing together on the point side of the hook. The floss and lead flashing will give way on an explosive tuna bite, and will not interfere with the hookset. – Jan Waalawyn

2. Chum Bag Eaten

Question: When chumming for sharks, the shark often eats my chum bag, shredding it to pieces, What can I do to protect it? – Chumming with Chunk, San Diego, CA.

Answer: Put your chum bag inside a wire cage (made from wire found at) or two milk crates tied tightly to each other. – Tom King

3. Missed Swords

Question: When I go swordfishing, I often miss fish, what can I do to increase my hookups. – Missing ’em, Palm Beach, FL

Answer: Try using two hooks, Swordfish are sloppy eaters and routinely shash the bait with their sword. Double hooks sets can be as simple as crimping a second hook to the shank of the first hooks using a short two foot piece of mono in between. Make sure if you are using a live bait, to bridle it to the bottom hook. – Dean Panos