Successful Marlin fishing involves having the right gear, knowing the right fishing tactics and techniques, and being in the right place at the right time. Being prepared is the name of the game. Our collection of Marlin Fishing gear and articles about fishing for Blue, White and Striped Marlin.

“Because of its size, speed and spectacular jumps, many big game fishermen consider blue marlin the top prize in the saltwater angling world. So, where can you go to do battle with a very large blue – one weighing over 1,000 pounds? For the last three years, the large ones seem to have all but disappeared. Traditional, Atlantic marlin “hot spots” keep reporting fishing as “really slow.” [read complete article]

 Grander Hunting
Where you should go for the best shot at a 1000-Pound Plus Atlantic Blue Marlin
By Jim Chambers
Originally published on www.bigmarinefish.com

” Massachussets marlin… it’s kind of strange to think that you can catch a world class billfish off a coast that spends almost half the year blanketed by snow and ice. It gets so cold up in this neck of the woods that most of us northeners haul out and even hibernate for the winter. In Febuary, for instance, we’re probably shoveling snow, or playing pond hockey. But as soon as July rolls around, some of us are leaving the docks bright and early, in search of Mr. Bill.. . [read complete article]

Massachusetts Marlin
By Capt Damon Sacco
Originally published in Marlin Magazine