Saltwater Fishing Reels that Stand the Test of Time
Fisherman’s Outfitter proudly carries many styles of fishing reels from top manufacturers in the world like Okuma Reels Shimano Reels, Accurate Reels, Alutecnos Reels, Penn Reels and Van Staal Reels. We have a large selection of saltwater fishing reels, from Inshore Light Duty Spinning Reels to Big-Game Saltwater Trolling Reels.

We’ve also developed Professional Spooling Stations at our stores, designed to give you the best advantage on the water. You can buy the most expensive fishing reel in the world, but if the line is not put on correctly the reel can malfunction, causing line failure and lost fish.

Need assistance? Here’s more information on choosing and maintaining your Fishing Reels

For all Spooling options please contact one of our stores or send an email.


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