Shark Fishing

Successful Shark fishing involves having the right gear, knowing the right fishing tactics and techniques, and being in the right place at the right time. Being prepared is the name of the game. Our collection of Shark Fishing gear and articles about fishing for big game sharks such as Mako, Threshers, and Porbeagles will help you land your trophy shark.

Chumming for Sharks

Tactics to Chum and Catch Giant Sharks
By Capt Tom King
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“We are familiar with groups of people going out on boats to view whales frolicking and feeding out there on the briny. Whale watching has an enormous following. But what about us shark aficionados. I’ll bet you never thought in terms of shark watching. I do it all the time. Of course you will need sharks within the range of your boat. That’s usually not a problem in most coastal New England areas . . . [read complete article]

Basic Conventional Shark Fishing Equipment for Boatsman
By Capt Tom King
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“Most anglers ask what rods and reels should they use. That’s the wrong question. If you are going to fish 30 lb., 50 lb. or 80 lb. test line, you would need different rods and reels. The first consideration is what test line you should use and how much of it do you need? That decision will determine what rods and reels are necessary. My recommendation based on experience, is 50 -60lb. test and 500 yds. are needed for New England shark fishers, as their basic tackle for bait fishing sharks. . . . [read complete article]

Some advice on battling a trophy mako
By Tom King

Some fish experts believe the short fin mako is one of the fastest fish in the ocean; capable of speeds over 50 mph. A mako will out jump any marlin by a considerable margin. No belly to the water, marlin style jumps for a big mako. When big makos go airborne they are totally reckless jumpers. A mako will go 20 feet or more into the air somersaulting and spinning and landing anyway and anywhere. Unfortunately they sometimes land on boats. There are plenty of mako disaster stories from around the world; including wrecked cockpits, injuries, fatalities, and a plethora of gaffing fiascoes. This fish is unusual, and I believe it should be fought differently. . . . [read complete article]