September 9, 2014
September 9, 2014



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Modern Sharking by: Mark Sampson

For more than three decades, Capt. Mark Sampson has stood watch over over chum lines, chased IGFA world records, and guided clients to thousands of unique shark encounters. In Modern Sharking, Sampson shares his knowledge and experience and examines how to chum, rig, bait, hook, land, or release 20 species of sharks. Modern Sharking is about sustainable shark fishing, and in it anglers will gain a higher level of knowledge and respect for these awesome creatures, while learning the latest techniques for pursuing them. This 264-page book is illustrated with 160 pictures and even includes sections on how to mount a shark’s jaws, which sharks are good to eat, and how to cook them.

About the author:

Capt. Mark Sampson is a full-time sharker, with over 30 years of experience. He currently runs the Fish Finder out of Ocean City, Maryland, and hunts for shark in Florida waters during the winter. Sampson is a member of the NMFS highly-migratory species advisory panel, and has guided his clients to 18 IGFA world records and 8 state records. When it comes to sharking, he is the man!