Owner Hooks

We at Owner American Corporation have devoted nearly a decade of effort in developing a line of high quality, high performance FISH HOOKS that, today, are second to none in popularity among both fresh and saltwater anglers. Our company has been experiencing phenomenal growth that forced us to recently expand into a new, larger facility in Costa Mesa, CA – one that allows us to better serve the needs of our rapidly growing number of customers.

Satisfied, if not ecstatic customers have helped us come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Their exciting catch results and the huge successes of our tournament fishing pros have kept our company inspired and motivated. That, coupled with the feedback from our growing number of avid fans, has helped us continue in the design and development of hooks that we feel are the best that they can be.

CUTTING POINT® HOOKS – Owner’s revolutionary triple-edge CUTTING POINT® hook is what put the Owner name and its product line on the map. The unique, patented hook design is led by a needle sharp point, and as the hook begins to penetrate, the resistance actually decreases as the three edges cut their way through for an instant, positive hookset. While other hook manufacturers claim their hooks to be sharp, or sharpest, Owner CUTTING POINT® hooks are the only hooks designed to penetrate, then hold!