Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Get Hooked on Bluefin Tuna Fishing Tackle

Bluefin tuna fishing requires specialized bluefin tuna fishing tackle, especially when targeting giants.


Unless you’re doing stand-up bluefin tuna fishing, reels should be 130 lb. class with unlimited class rods. The reels should be backed with 200lb dacron. Most bluefin tuna fishing crews prefer black dacron if they are going to be bluefin chunking more than trolling.


Many bluefin tuna trolling crews prefer a High Vis color so that they can see their line better on the troll. A top shot of 200 lb. Momoi Diamond Line is recommended. This should be spliced to the dacron using the Chinese finger method.

Our top shot rigging needles make splicing the mono into the dacron easy. The rigging floss is half-hitched around the connection points to keep the mono from pulling out under great strain.


Our bluefin tuna harpoons are great for when you are ready to take a giant. Once harpooned, our tail rope can be put on the fish to cool it down, after which time it is hauled aboard, dressed, and packed on ice.

Snagged? The Gloucester fishermen are always here to help. Contact us with any bluefin tuna fishing tackle questions.

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