Terminal Tackle


“Chafe Gear, Crimps, Hooks and More!
Terminal tackle is one of the most important components of your fishing gear. Choosing the correct sleeves for the appropriate line, for example, can be the key to your success. Fisherman’s Outfitter carries fishing terminal tackle from the two leading manufacturers, Momoi and Jinkai, which complement their respective lines and leaders. It’s important that your fishing terminal tackle match the product line used, since the diameters and actual products are systematically designed by brand.

Plus we’re always here to help if you run into any problems.

A Breakdown of Terminal Tackle

CHAFE GEAR: Should be used anywhere you make a crimped connection.

Diamond Products Chafe Gear and Jinkai Loop Protectors are highly flexible “Tubes” that slide over monofilament line to provide superior abrasion protection. Hooks and Swivels pivot smoothly and the tubing may be cut to create any loop size.

HOOKS AND SWIVELS: High quality is the name of the game here. Different tactics may require a specialized hook. We have a large selection for whatever and however you’re going after. Same with Swivels, some jobs require the most Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Swivels.

CRIMPING SLEEVES: Momoi and Jinkai crimping sleeves are made from a special aluminum alloy that is easy to crimp and resists electro-corrosion in saltwater. The soft metal and oval shape work together to provide a permanent crimp without compromising line strength. Various sizes coordinate for use with all pound tests of Momoi and Jinkai line.

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