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Saltwater Fishing Gear for Inshore and Offshore Fishing
Customer-chosen and field-tested, our featured products showcase the best in saltwater fishing gear. These products are what our regulars tell us are their “must-haves” for offshore and inshore saltwater fishing.

If you rely on certain saltwater fishing gear and don’t see it here, contact us at Fisherman’s Outfitter. We’re always looking to add to our featured products.”


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    Penn 50VSW Stand-Up Combos

    The Penn 50VSW Reels have the line capacity and high drag output to subdue large fish. The Penn 50VSW is the perfect size for stand-up style fishing.

    If you are planning to use 50-80lb line you should choose the ST- Series Rods. If you are planning to use 100-150lb line you should pair with our Custom Stubbie.

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    Cuda 120″ Fish Measuring Tape

    Cuda 120″ Water-Resistant Measuring Tape


    • Water-Resistant Construction
    • Tear-Resistant
    • Foldable for Easy Storage
    • Secure End for Accurate Fish Measurement
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    Diamond Products 100yd Topshot Hi-Catch Wind-on Leaders

    Diamond Products 100yd Topshot Hi-Catch Wind-on Leaders

    Available in 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, 150lb and 200lb

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