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May 14, 2015
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Diamond Products 100yd Topshot Hi-Catch Wind-on Leaders


Diamond Products 100yd Topshot Hi-Catch Wind-on Leaders

Available in 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, 150lb and 200lb


Diamond Fishing Products takes all the guesswork out of your topshots.

Made with the Highest Quality Momoi Smoke Blue Monofilament

These Wind-on Leaders are packaged on a small spool for easy spooling. They are pre-spliced with an eye loop to attach to either a Bimini Twist or Spliced Loop.

100yd length is ideal to add the needed stretch when fishing with braided lines.

Make sure to have a few extras on hand to redo your topshots on the water within minutes!

Line Diameters:

  • 50lb: 0.70mm
  • 60lb: 0.75mm
  • 80lb: 0.85mm
  • 100lb: 0.95mm
  • 130lb: 1.2mm
  • 150lb: 1.28mm
  • 200lb: 1.4mm



50lb Smoke Blue, 60lb Smoke Blue, 80lb Smoke Blue, 100lb Smoke Blue, 130lb Smoke Blue, 150lb Smoke Blue, 200lb Smoke Blue