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March 24, 2015
Ocean Lure Trolling Skirts Color 2
March 25, 2015

Ocean Lure Trolling Skirts Color 1


Ocean Lure Concepts Skirts Color #1

Gold Fleck

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All Ocean Lure Concepts Skirts are Proudly made by hand in the USA in North Carolina. With a proprietary formula developed over 25 years featuring the best UV inhibitors, catalysts and color enhancers, OLC skirts are the finest available on the market today. These skirts are mainly used to re-skirt old or worn out skirts on your favorite trolling lures. OLC Skirts are a deadly addition to Shark Rigs! Available in 50 Colors to match most lure color patterns.

Many companies have tried to copy, but none can compare!




14.5 Inch, 12.5 Inch, 9.5 Inch