Shimano Tiagra 80WA Combo w/ Custom Stubbie
December 1, 2014
Shimano Spheros SW Reels
December 1, 2014

Shimano Tiagra 50WLRSA Reel with Custom Stubbie


Shimano Tiagra 50WLRSA Stand-Up Combo w/ Custom 80-130lb Short  Stroke Tuna Killer

The Ultimate Combo for the Largest Fish that swim the oceans. Designed for the “Ultimate” Stand-Up Fishing Experience!

The Fisherman’s Outfitter Custom Short Stroke “Stubbie” Rod is designed to provide the angler with the full mechanical advantage when battling enourmous fish. The Short Curved-Butt relieves lower back pressure by lowering the fulcrum point in the rod. This rod is built with the finest components; A solid Fiberglass Blank with triple under-wrapped and triple over-wrapped AFTCO’s Big-Foot Wind-On Roller Guides and a Detachable Aluminum Short Curved Butt. Species like Giant Tuna, Huge Marlin and Monster Swords were once considered too large for stand-up tackle… not anymore!

The Shimano Tiagra 2-Speed Lever-Drag Fishing Reels are today’s premier Offshore Reels. Tiagras bodies and spools are constructed from Solid Bar-Stock Aluminum for strength and durability. The gears are all treated high-quality Stainless Steel for years of dependability. All Tiagra’s feature Shimano’s famed 2-speed mechanism which has both gears always engaged for instant transmision from speed to power or vice-versa. For extreme stopping power Shimano has introduced the Hydrothermal Drag System, this eliminates surges in drag pressures during prolonged battles. The Hydrothermal Drag System constantly cools the drag plates as it heats up during battle. This specialized mechanism has not been duplicated by any other company.