Different Types of Fishing Hooks

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October 15, 2013
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3rd Fish from Scotland with Video!
October 15, 2013
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October 31, 2013

It has been said time and time again that there is no perfect hook for a specific kind of fish. That being said, there are some hooks that simply make more sense to use than others. A firm knowledge of fishing hook styles can go a long way when trying to find your perfect combination of gear. Below are some of the most common types of hooks that fishermen should know. Although there are different types within one style, not to mention countless other types of hooks that extend beyond this list, what follows will pave the way to excellent hook knowledge.


Great for bait fishing. Its lightweight composition makes it easily malleable, and with proper handling it can be removed from an undesirable location, or even the catch’s mouth, while still in the water.

Bait Holder Hooks

A basic and common type of hook. There are many variations of a bait holder hook, but usually most have a barbed shaft to keep the bait on.

Circle Hook

An increasingly popular because they prevent gutting when reeling in a fish. Too often with conventional bait holder hooks, the hook can be swallowed, harming the catch. The circle hook, with its short shaft and exaggerated circular look, is designed to be maneuvered around in the fish’s mouth when reeling it in, therefore sparing the fish if you wish to release it.

Jig Hooks

Their main classifier is the 90-degree angle you can find right under the eye.

Keeper Hooks

These hooks are somewhat of a specialty hook. The barb that comes off the hook eye is meant to jab into the plastic bait along with the hook point.

Octopus Hooks

Have a short shank like the circle hook, but are mainly used for bait fishing because of its lightness and size. Meant for live bait.

Siwash Hooks

In waters where you can only use one hook per lure, the siwash hook is a great replacement for the treble, and less damaging to the fish.

Treble Hooks/Dressed Trebles

Often used for trolling salmon or trout, a treble hook is more or less three hooks in one. Its thick shank is followed by three bends and hooks. A dressed treble is a more opulent type of treble hook, with decorative elements such as a feather to further entice the fish.

Worm Hook

Although there are many varieties, most worm hooks can be classified as rugged, with a slight bend below the eye. This helps to make them weedless, and versatile in any type of water terrain. These are used mainly for soft plastic bait.

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