Mustad Hooks

Quality Control

Quality control at all stages of production is of major concern to the Mustad company. At the initial stage of the process, every batch of steel wire is physically and chemically tested in our laboratories. In addition, hooks are tested before and after tempering, after surface treatment and when being packed. Despite the high technological level of our manufacturing process, the most important contributors to quality assurance are still the people involved, both those involved in the manufacturing process and the customers. The feedback we get from fishermen is invaluable in order for us to develop new products as well as improving old ones. This also helps us to improve our control procedures.
Hooks mainly consist of high carbon steel. After tempering, steel is subject to hydrogen absorption. During tempering and heat treatment, as well as during the surface treatment process, steps are taken to prevent this.
In the next phase of quality control, finished products are tested for hydrogen brittleness. Thickness of coating and hardness are measured by means of sophisticated instruments. Finally, hooks are visually inspected to make sure that they have a perfect finish.
Our special manufacturing process allows us to deliver hooks of even strength and durability within the same hook pattern. We are therefore confident that as long as you compare the same hooks from other hook manufacturers, with the same shape and identical wire diameter, you will not find any stronger hooks around than Mustad hooks.

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Bending test of hook, 39965D 14/0.