Eagle Claw TroKar Magnum 619HR HD Offset, Ringed Circle Hooks
January 8, 2016
Mustad R39943NP-BN Demon Perfect Circle Ringed, Offset Hooks
January 9, 2016

Mustad 39943NP-BN Demon Perfect Circle Offset Hooks


Mustad 39943NP-BN Demon Perfect Circle Offset Hooks

Available in Sizes 7/0, 8/0 and 9/0. (10/0 and 12/0 have been discontinued.)

  • Micro Sharp, Chemically Sharpened Points
  • 4X Strong Design
  • Quicker, Easier Penetration
  • Nor-Tempered Design is 30% Stronger
  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Offset, Perfect for Live Baits

Mustad 39943NP-BN Group

Mustad 39943NP-BN Demon Perfect Circle Offset Hooks

Working closely with fisheries experts, charter and long range captains, Mustad hook designers set out to create a new circle hook range that combines Mustad’s legendary strength with important new features to enhance performance. The New Demon Perfect Circle Hooks are the only circle hooks with Precision Proportions. This revolutionary design aspect means the point angle and length, gap, front length and all other parameters have the same proportions across the entire size range for maximum effectiveness. The range also boasts a new modified point design with a 96º angle which is optimum for insuring a high percentage of lip and jaw hooking.


During the course of hook design development, representatives of The Billfish Foundation were kept apprised of hook design goals, testing and development progress. Upon review of the final design, the organization has endorsed the new in-line Demon Perfect Circle Hooks because they are conservation compatible. The Billfish Foundation is the only non-profit organization dedicated solely to conserving and enhancing billfish populations around the world. TBF’s comprehensive network of members and supporters includes anglers, captains, mates, tournament directors, clubs and sportfishing businesses. By coordinating efforts and speaking with one voice, we are able to work for solutions that are good for billfish and not punitive to recreational anglers.

















Hook Size

7/0, 6pk, 8/0, 6pk, 9/0, 5pk, 10/0, 5pk