Bluefin Trolling

Bluefin Tuna Trolling Tackle that Won’t Let You Down

Most bluefin tuna crews troll fishing spreader bars from their outriggers at about 3-4 knots. Bluefin tuna fishermen typically fish three to four spreader bars, two from the outriggers and one or two flat lines. Fisherman use different spreader bar sizes and colors in their trolling spread based on experience and conditions.


Bluefin tuna outriggers are rigged with roller trollers so that the line can be reeled through the clip to tease the fish into striking again if he misses the first time. The clip is set tight so that the outrigger sets the hook on the fish.

Terminal Tackle

Snap swivels are used so that rigs can be swapped out easily. Thimbles and heavy chafe gear protect the mono where it connects to the hook and swivel. Most crews use the Mustad or Owner Jobu hook style on their trolling rigs.

Make it easy! We stock a complete bluefin tuna trolling rigging kit for successful tuna trolling.

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