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February 7, 2019
Boone 6″ Woody Cedar Lures
February 26, 2019

Boone 8″ Woody Cedar Lures


8″ Boone Woody Cedar Lures

Rigged w/ 10/0 Hook and 200lb Leader

Available in 4 Colors

(Zucchini and Blue Mackerel in picture are unavailable in this size.)


The Boone 8″ Woody Cedar Lures are the quintessential version of the long-time tested “Cedar Plug.” Renowned for capturing a multitude of species worldwide, from deep ocean pelagics, to all sorts of inshore species. No tackle bag is complete without a handful of Boone Woody Cedar Lures.

The Boone 8″ Woody Cedar Lures are a definite favorite for anyone making an ocean transit, especially sailing vessels. These lures can be trolled at just about any speed and are sure to put fresh fish on your plate! The Boone 8″ Woody Cedar Lures are constructed from Premium Red Cedar and are designed to take a lickin’ and keep on kickin’! The cedar body protects the lure from being bit off by toothy critters such as wahoo and barracuda. After a few trips you may need to re-paint your new favorite as the Boone 8″ Woody Cedar Lures will sure to get hit again and again!

The Boone 8″ Woody Cedar Lures come fully rigged with a 10/0 big game hook, 200lb monofilament leader and barrel swivel!


Natural Cedar, White w/ Red Head, Black and Purple, Dorado (Blue/Green/Yellow)