Boone 6in Woody Cedar Lures
February 26, 2019
Diamond Braid Generation 3 – 8X Solid – 600yd Spools
August 17, 2019

Diamond Braid Generation 3 – 8X Solid – 3000yd Spools


Diamond Braid Generation 3 – 8X Solid Braid – 3000 Yard Bulk Spools

Available in 3 Colors: Diamond Blue, Orange and Dark Green

Available in 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 65lb, 70lb, 80lb and 100lb

Diamond Braid Generation 3 – 8X Solid – 3000yd Spools

Diamond Fishing Products is proud to announce the latest advance in braided line technology! 8X Diamond Braid joins the best monofilament in the world: Momoi Hi-Catch, Momoi Diamond, Diamond Illusion and Extra-Hard Line. Diamond Braid incorporates the latest braiding techniques which improves strength at diameter and gives it a 3% stretch factor. 

The unique braiding process produces a rounder line that ensures greater reel capacity, decreased twist, Increased casting distance and longer overall life. Our perfect roundness allows tighter spool winding which prevents the line binding into itself and also significantly improves knotting performance. The Bonded, Color-Fastness prevents flaking and fading normally associated with other Super Braids.


Line Diameters:

10lb- 0.16mm (2lb mono equivalent)

15lb- 0.2mm (4lb mono equivalent)

20lb- 0.23mm  (6lb mono equivalent)

30lb- 0.28mm (10lb mono equivalent)

40lb- 0.33mm (12lb mono equivalent)

50lb- 0.36mm (16lb mono equivalent)

65lb- 0.41mm (20lb mono equivalent)

70lb- 0.42mm (20lb mono equivalent)

80lb- 0.47mm (25lb mono equivalent)

100lb- 0.52mm (30lb mono equivalent)


Line Test

10lb- 0.16mm, 15lb- 0.2mm, 20lb- 0.23mm, 30lb- 0.28mm, 40lb- 0.33mm, 50lb- 0.36mm, 65lb- 0.41mm, 70lb- 0.42mm, 80lb- 0.47mm, 100lb- 0.52mm

Line Color

Diamond Blue, Orange, Dark Green