Diamond Braid Generation 3 Hollow Core 3000yd Spools
November 21, 2018
Shimano Ultegra XTD Reels
February 7, 2019



Available in 15lb-100lb Test

25 Yard Spools – Available in Pink and Clear

Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon 25 Yard Spools

Available in Disappearing Pink and Clear

The high-demand for a TRUE 100% Pink Fluorocarbon Leader Material has lead Diamond Fishing Products to produce the newest and most exciting leader material on the market!

After two years of extensive field testing in part with Diamond Fishing Products, we a proud to introduce the Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon. It is available in Disappearing Pink and Clear for the traditional fisherman. This Fluorocarbon lays straight in the water when stretched and is extremely Chafe Resistant.

We are confident you will dramatically improve your hook-up ratio!

Smaller Diameters than Most Competitors!



Diameter Suggested Crimp Size
15lb 0.34mm N/A
20lb 0.40mm N/A
25lb 0.49mm N/A
30lb 0.54mm Momoi S
40lb 0.59mm Momoi S
50lb 0.67mm Momoi S
60lb 0.75mm Momoi M
80lb 0.86mm Momoi M
100lb 1.03mm Momoi L or H
Line Size

15lb – 25yd Spool, 20lb – 25yd Spool, 25lb – 25yd Spool, 30lb – 25yd Spool, 40lb – 25yd Spool, 50lb – 25yd Spool, 60lb – 25yd Spool, 80lb – 25yd Spool, 100lb – 25yd Spool

Line Color

Clear, Pink