Mustad 7732-SS
Mustad 7732-SS Stainless Steel Big Game Hooks – 5PK
September 13, 2014
September 13, 2014

Mustad 7731A-DT Needle Eye Hooks – 10PK


Mustad 7731A-DT Needle Eye Hooks – 10PK

  • Sea Demon Series
  • Needle Eye
  • Forged
  • Knife Edge Point
  • Duratin Coating Finish

Mustad 7731A-DT Needle Eye Hooks – 10PK

The Mustad 7731A-DT Needle Eye Hooks are ideal for targeting really big and strong saltwater species. Made for extremely tough conditions. These forged hooks features a needle eye, which is especially suitable, when rigging a single strand wire with Ballyhoo, Mackerel or other live baits. The slim eye fits perfectly and makes for a better placement and much cleaner rigged bait. It is the perfect choice when targeting big game species such as Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo and other fast swimmers. Special Duratin finish for optimal corrosion resistance.

The Mustad 7731A-DT is the perfect hook for rigging cedar plugs!

Manufactured by the world’s largest maker of hooks for the past 100 years, these hooks are formed from strong, high-carbon steel, then specially tempered to bend without breaking… To endure when all others fail! The Reversed Curve offers superior hook set when chunking or trolling. The Needle Eye is the ideal bait hook to use with wire when rigging Ballyhoo, Mackerel or other baits. The small eye allows for better placement and less tear on baits.


8/0 7731A-DT, 9/0 7731A-DT, 10/0 7731A-DT, 11/0 7731A-DT