Yankee Charters Fishing Report

Hello All, I am just giving the first fishing report of the year from Yankee Charters.  The Yankee is in the water and has many good dates available for Cod/Haddock, Bass and Tuna charters.  


On Sunday May 24th I had the pleasure I was asked to give a hand on a trip aboard the 43 Viking “Allure.”  We had two captains on board for this trip, my friend Mark R. and myself.  The plan for the day was a banker’s hours trip leaving at 7:30am with the owner Ron, his son mike, Capt. Mark R. and myself.  We wanted to catch some Cod for the dinner table and to stock up on some Mackerel for bait.  The report from the previous day was dismal on the Mackerel front, and was feast or famine for the codfish.  We ended up leaving the dock closer to 8am, we chugged out at a modest 32 knots and were on Stellwagon Bank before we knew it.  First couple drops produced nothing besides a little bit of exercise.  We picked up the gear and jogged farther east and found a couple small piles of fish, we picked maybe 8-10 keepers.  I wasn’t satisfied with that pick and got a tip from Capt. Kevin Twombly of Kayman Charter’s we made a small move of about a mile or so and we began catching keeper cod.  Ron had lost his teaser and dropped back down anyway and caught a mackerel, I looked back at the fish finder to find it was loaded up with schools of Macks.  The Cod rods went away and we began the bail fest on the bait, we filled up the cooler with those probably 300 or so in about an hour.  In the midst of that we were still picking a cod or two for those who were bored with catching the Macks.  After the bait cooler was full we all went back to cod fishing where it was “lock and load” to finish up the day.  Left them biting, final tally for the day was 24 cod, one haddock and a cooler full of mackerel with just three people fishing. We were back at the dock by 12:30!  We had a ton of work to do back at the dock, filleting the fish and packing the mackerel for storage.  The crew was a pleasure to fish with and what a boat!  I hope I get the call for that trip again.  


Captain Mark Vona

Yankee Charters www.yankeecharters.com 

Gloucester, MA