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February 7, 2014
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February 20, 2014

Below are reviews of three great products you can find at Fisherman’s Outfitter.

Frabill Chum Bag:

Described as a “neoprene coated nylon chum bag ideal for shark and tuna chumming,” this efficient little bag has a drawstring top closure to keep contents secure. The great thing about this bag is that it can double as a line holder.

Whether you add weights to the bag to drop it below the surface or attach it to a long line to rest behind your boat, this durable bag will give you the gradual release of chum you need to draw in the big fish.

As opposed to other methods of chumming, like baskets, the chum bag is a great way to chum without having to do any smelly cleanup or storing large chumming items.

Rigging Kit for Shark Fishing:

This handy kit really makes rigging for trophy fish like sharks much easier. It has everything you need, including:

  • 1-Rigging Kit Bag
  • 1-Wire Cable Cutter
  • SC-3C Jinkai Crimper
  • 1-Debonner
  • 1-50 lb Scale
  • 1-Hook File
  • 1-Pair of Mono Cutters
  • 1-Pair of Needle Nose
  • 1-1/4lb Spool of #19 Wire
  • 100′ of 400 lb, 49 strand wire
  • 100-Black Rubber Bands
  • 1-Roll of Electrical Tape
  • 10-7698B 9/0 Mustad Hooks
  • 100-Double Barrel Wire Crimps
  • 12- 350lb Snap Swivels
  • 12- 350lb Barrel Swivels

Although you may choose to not use all items in the kit for each fishing excursion, the rigging kit for shark fishing really has all necessities and is a great source for fisherman just getting into sport fishing.

2-Piece Complete Harpoon Setups:

Comes with A-1 Poly Ball, Steel Shank, and Bronze Harpoon Dart on 200 feet of rope with basket. They come in 8-foot or 10-foot lengths, as well as custom sizes.

This handy harpoon is foolproof, with no small pieces that can get lost in the boat or on your way to the water! Anyone who has ever fished for trophies knows the heartache of losing your fish after an agonizing game of tug and war. Harpoons are essential for big fish because they allow the haul into the boat to go that much more smoothly. This is a great harpoon because it breaks down easily for storage, but because the male piece is welded, it does not have any small bits that can get lost. Cut out the risk factor of losing your trophy fish by using this harpoon. All you need to do is bring in the fish!

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