Fishing Kayak Mods


Kayaks offer a fun way to fish from a unique, close-up perceptive. However, in order to do so safely, here are some modifications you need to make to ensure fishing from your kayak is safe and rewarding. Below are some ideas on fishing kayak modifications.

Paddle leashes

You do NOT want to be stranded without a paddle when kayak fishing! Keeping your paddles tethered to your kayak will allow you to fish free of worry. You can do this easily by purchasing a simple brass swivel clip to mount to the kayak itself and use braided poly cord.

Rod Holder(s)

Rod holders are crucial to keep your hands free and your rods secure. You can make your own with materials like PVC, or buy them new and mount them to your kayak.

VHF Radio

Great to have one that will last even when submerged in water … just in case.

Bow and Stern Lines

What good is a kayak if you can’t dock it to anything? Rather than having to pull it ashore after each use, attaching lines at the bow and stern with a clip on the ends of each can make things much more efficient. It can easily be tied up to any dock or boat rigging you come across — or clipped to something in a pinch.


Kayaks can move around a great deal in rocky waters, so it’s good to have a small anchor to keep yourself in the same spot once you’ve found a good place to fish. A lighter folding anchor will allow for easy storage and ability to stay put.

Dry bag/box

For keeping valuables, snacks, etc. It’s nice to have a few things safeguarded against the water. Using the bungee on the deck of your kayak (which can be modified to fit your needs) is a great way to keep supplies out of the interior of the kayak and safe.

Boat Light

Required for night fishing. This small LED light sits on top of a long rod making you easily detectable by other vessels.

Plan Before Taking Action

It is a smart idea to put all your modifications in place before altering the bones of the kayak itself. Visualizing where everything will go, and how that will affect the kayak once in water, will save headache down the road. Make sure that any modifications you make to the kayak itself will not cause any damage or leakage to your vessel while you fish!

photo credit: Nicolas Valentin via photopin cc