Protecting Your Digits: Wearing Gloves While Fishing

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August 5, 2013
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Blue Fever Release fishing glove is a great kind of fishing glove to get.

So much of your game as a fisherman depends on your ability to work with your hands. They help you reel in that big fish, remove hooks, get fish out of the water, and set your bait properly. All the while they endure the hardships of weather, climate, and environment. Being “handy” can make or break you when fishing, which is why some choose to use gloves as a way to reinforce the performance and safety of their digits while fishing. There are many types of gloves out there: some for harsh weather like wind and rain, some for leadering, and others meant mainly to grip slippery fish. For nearly every problem you may have with your hands while fishing, there is a product out there for you. Rather than globbing your hands with sunscreen and making them slippery, or risking a slice to the hand when setting up your leader, try some gloves. You may be surprised with the increased precision and protection they offer you.

Wind Blockers

Although some argue these are meant mainly for fly fishing, in the winter months these useful gloves can really help protect your hands from the elements, regardless of your location.

Sun Protection

Usually lycra and lightweight, sun protection gloves are often fingerless and easily dry off after becoming wet. Try and find some with an extended cuff to protect yourself beyond your wrist.

Release Gloves

Another popular type Bluefever offers, they have a grooved palm section and cover the fingertips, which is especially helpful for leadering fish.

Leader Wiring Gloves

Mainly for leaders used with larger trophy fish like sharks. Handling your leader incorrectly can really cut you up, so having gloves on hand is a great way to be able to handle your leader worry-free.


Usually a more lightweight glove, many different types of gloves listed here are fingerless. Fingerless gloves offer your hand protection and added resistance, while not hindering your dexterity at all. Bluefever makes a great one, the “short pump glove,” which is a great option for the everyday struggles of fishing.

Utility gloves

This category is more of an umbrella term for any old glove you like to use when fishing. It could be anything from a fleece-lined rubber glove (great for colder months), a leather glove, or even fingerless gloves you may use for construction work that you just happen to throw in your toolbox. Ultimately, a glove doesn’t necessarily have to be specially designed just for fishing, as long as it does the job.

Try out a few different types of gloves and see how they add to your overall fishing experience.

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