Going Shark Fishing? Here’s How to Prepare

There are many things that you will need to remember in order to try your hand at landing some big fish when you set out to sea. If you are thinking about going shark fishing, here’s how to prepare. Following these steps will not only ensure the safety of you and your fishing party but you might just be successful in your venture.

  1. Having the Correct Bait- Before setting out on your shark-catching venture, decide on what species of shark you are hoping to catch. There are several different species of sharks, and each one has a different appearance and appetite. Make sure that you do some research into what type of bait is the best for your shark fishing needs. Sharks are meat eaters and some types of bait that they will eat are; starfish, squid, clams, birds, fish, and seals are part of the shark’s diet.
  2. Use the Correct Equipment- Choose the proper equipment for the size of the shark that you hope to catch. This means having a sturdy, strong reel that has the proper test line that can withstand the pull of the shark’s strength and weight. A reel seat is also an important piece of equipment to have on board as well as a fighting belt with a back harness.
  3. Safety Matters- Remember to secure yourself and your lines to the boat even before you cast your line out. Another factor to remember is to tighten the slack in the line and lock in your reel after approximately a minute. Be prepared to give and take. When the shark resists, give it some slack and then pull back. This give and take session can go on for a very long time. Eventually one of you will give up.

Other things than can help you when you are going shark fishing, here’s how to prepare-Check the weather forecast and only plan on going out to sea in perfect weather. Never go out shark fishing alone as this will help to ensure your safety. It is not as if you are fishing a sunfish from a local stream or river. The shark is one of the strongest sea creatures on this planet. It is also a predator.

Plan your shark-fishing trip ahead of time. Carefully plan to choose a spot that sharks are known to be found. Sharks are known to populate all our oceans and are commonly found at depths of up to 2000 meters. There are over 440 different species of sharks in the world today. The shark has been in existence since primitive times.

When out at sea, keep an eye out on schools of fish and their hiding places. Where there is a huge abundance of smaller fish, such as tuna or squid is a good spot. Sharks are also migratory; they are known to travel in schools around the ocean basins in search of food.