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Bass, like a lot of other types of fish, tend to change their feeding patterns as the seasons change. Different weather means different conditions and necessitates having to change up habits in order to stay nourished. Fall is no exception to this rule. Fall is a time when bass are desperate to bulk up before the really cold weather descends. Their desire to fatten up before the winter can really work in a fisherman’s favor because the fish are generally more desperate to eat and, therefore, are less selective than in other seasons.

If you know where to look for bass during the fall your chances of catching a fish, or more than one fish, are greatly helped. Although most of these tips can apply to any season of bass fishing, they are especially true in the fall because of the more drastic change in water temperature. Here are three tips for fall bass fishing to keep in mind when heading out to score big.

Know your waters

In the fall, the water is colder than in summer months, and the bass will adjust where they gather based on that. Shallower water means higher temperatures, and the fish will naturally school there. Knowing where the water is shallow works in your favor during fall fishing. But how do they get there? Typically, the bass will come in from deep to shallow waters, so finding a place where water goes from deep to shallow is a great spot to catch fish.

Look for schools

In the fall bass really rely on schooling, so it’s possible to catch more than one in the same location. Make sure to not move around too much! If you can find the baitfish, you can find the bass. Look for signs of baitfish schools, and you’ll most likely find schools of bass.

Know the underwater environment

In the cooler waters, fish will tend to congregate near rocks and other structures under the water that retain heat. Green vegetation provides oxygen, and logs and rocks provide warmth. Find these types of areas, and you’ll be in good shape to start fishing.

Understanding the climate and landscape of your favorite fishing spots, as well as the habits and patterns of the fish you are searching for, is crucial to having success as a fisherman. A well-informed fisherman can be incredibly successful in the fall when hunting for bass, as long as he keeps in mind the changes in season.

Photo credit: USFWS Mountain Prairie / Foter / CC BY 2.0

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