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March 21, 2014
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April 3, 2014


Catfish are an incredibly fun fish to hunt for. Known fighters, catfish are a popular recreational fish to try and catch because of their fight, along with their huge range of size and type.

Although they can be caught in almost any type of water, there are some general rules of thumb when fishing for catfish that are tried and true. Knowing the basics of catfish fishing is half the battle, so do some light reading and ask around before you begin.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Make sure you have the right tackle, bait, and lures

Remember that catfish are bottom feeders, so floaters are no help to you. You want your bait to sink to the bottom and be as stinky as possible to really get the attention of these picky fish. Catfish can really vary in size, so researching the area where you are fishing will really come in handy when knowing what kind of rod to get. In general, a medium heavy rod will work well with a heavier line. Rods that have a bit of length on them are better suited for big catfish because you can cast longer. Be ready for a long fight when you snag a catfish. It can be slow and strenuous. Make sure that you keep your line tight, and don’t pull too hard, or you may break the very things that are helping you reel it in.

Figure out where the current breaks

If you are fishing in a river, and notice that the current of the water changes its pattern in certain location, that is what’s called the current break. It could be because of a log or other obstruction in the water, and that’s where you want to look. Catfish will be resting and feeding there. If you cast into the eddy (the calm water near the obstruction) you’ll often find your fish.

Ask a question

New to fishing or just want to change up your routine a bit? Don’t be afraid to chat about your methods with people at your local watering hole or bait shop. You may discover that people love talking about how they caught that big fish last year, the bait they found that works the best, or where to go to start out. Being part of the conversation about fishing in your community can help you come up with some good ideas and ways to alter your game that you hadn’t considered before.

Photo credit: Foter / Public domain

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