Momoi Diamond Braid Featured in Marlin Magazine

Available in 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, and 200lb

After working closely with the owners of Diamond Fishing Products for over a year, we feel that this is the #1 spectra braid available.

Featured in Marlin Magazine!

Diamond Braid

TIP: Instead of a latch needle, make a 24″ loop puller from small wire by bending the wire and pinching it at the midpoint.

About 24″ from tag end, insert wire loop puller into hollow center of line A for 12″. Bring loop puller point out of line A and pick up line B.

Pull loop puller back out through line A, bringing line B with it, so that line B is inside line A.

Insert loop puller 12″ back in line B as done in line A above. Pick up end of line A with loop puller.

Pull loop puller back out through line B bringing line A with it, so that end of line A is inside line B.

Pull ends of both lines to close splice in center. Trim loose ends, and smooth out to bury them inside main line. Finished splice is 100% strong.