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March 28, 2014
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April 18, 2014

Keeping your fishing equipment clean and well maintained is just as vital to your fishing performance as knowing the fish’s location and habits. There is nothing more disappointing than losing a fish because of poorly performing gear, and this is an easily preventable misfortune. With fishing, as with any game sport like hunting, most are taught proper cleaning practices: making sure your rod is clean, spraying down the boat to prevent rusting, making sure to keep the tackle box tidy, etc. But one aspect of running a tight ship that is often overlooked is conditioning your line.

Conditioning your line is just as important as any other maintenance because it helps to improve your fishing and helps your equipment last longer. Not only do you want to keep your gear working because of its ability to help you catch fish, but the gear itself is very expensive to replace! You want to protect your monetary and time investments by making sure you do everything you can for the supplies you have.

So why use line condition in the first place? Fishing line conditioner is a simple liquid that, when sprayed on your line, helps to lubricate and fortify your line and reel. Line suffers a lot of blows when you fish; it can get snagged, it can break, it can retain memory, and all that negatively affects your fishing success. Keeping fishing line lubricated helps to condition the line, prevent breakage, and help you cast without as much resistance or friction. Some fishermen claim they can cast up to 30 feet more with a conditioned line.

The product is a fairly convenient one to add into your fishing routine because it is easily stored. The small bottles it usually comes in can be kept on your boat or in your tackle box. Simply give it a few sprays directly on to the line, wait a few minutes, and watch your performance enhance.

Although line conditioner is a vital product to have, keep in mind that it is no replacement for a yearly overhaul of your line. It helps to minimize the damage to your line, but it is not a miracle worker, and line will still need to be changed completely to ensure peak ability. However, using fishing line conditioner will certainly help you to keep your line healthy in the meantime.

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA 3.0