New Reel Additions for Fisherman's Outfitter

The Fishing Tackle Industry changes just as much as fishing conditions, which is everyday! Fishing reels seem to be changing at a rapid pace and to help you with your next purchase visit our website to get all the answers you are looking for.

After extensive filed testing, Fisheraman’s Outfitter is proud to let our customers know that we are taking on Two New Brands this year. We will be carrying The Legendary Fin-Nor Reels and the One-of-a-Kind Van Staal Reels.

Check out some of the latest additions to Fin-Nor’s line-up like the Offshore Spinning Reels and Santiago Big-Game Reels as well as others.

Also New this year is Van Staal’s VSB Reels which feature a new Titanium Bail System!