September 9, 2014
3 1/4″ Dexter Russell Net, Twine, Line Knife w/ Sheath
September 9, 2014



18”Blade with 8 teeth per inch with triple edge teeth

Comfortable non-slip rubber handle

Replaceable blade
This saw takes all the rigorous work out that used to come with cleaning/cutting of large fish like Tunas or Sharks. The triple edged teeth cut both when pushing and pulling the saw to make cuts clean and fast. This saw also features a replaceable blade so you can save money if you fo through lots of saws! Just unscrew at the handle and screw in the new one.


“Pull to Cut – Won’t Buckle or Jump”
The “pull-to-cut” method of these pullsaws place the blade in tension and can utilize the thin blade which gives the least resistance – resulting in the fastest and cleanest cuts.

Blades are made of high carbon spring steel with minimal teeth set.
Individual saw teeth are diamond ground (not stamped) on three edges
for extremely smooth and fast cuts.
SharkSaw teeth are “Electric Impulse Hardened” to stay sharp up to
5 times longer than an ordinary saw.
Teeth are longer and angled to work efficiently with “pull-to-cut” method,
every 5th tooth is made at a different angle to clean debris from the kerf.
Handles are made of high impact ABS plastic, designed with a push button
blade release for blade replacement and compact storage