September 13, 2014
September 13, 2014



Fisherman’s Outfitter Custom Single Piece Harpoons

2 Models Available:

Standard, Bare Pole

Deluxe Rigged w/ Safety Loop + Snap and Line Tensioner


Fisherman’s Outfitter Custom, Single Piece Harpoons.

Ever experience the heart-ache of losing a big fish right at the side of the boat? With our custom harpoon this will be a thing of the past, just stick it and pull it in! Our custom single piece harpoons are machined from 1-1/4″ black, anodized aluminum, and feature a high quality brass penetrating head that accepts 3/8″ fine-thread shank (sold separately.) 100% Made in the USA!

These harpoons are available any size up to 8 feet, please specify in special order notes for a custom size. These are the highest quality harpoons for the price, others at twice the price do not compare!

Standard harpoon is our raw harpoon shaft with brass penetrating head and rubber and cap. For the captains that prefer to rig their harpoons a certain way.

Our Deluxe Rigged model comes rigged with a safety line snap and dart line tensioner. The safety snap is attached with a stainless steel cable, drilled 16″ from the end (this way you can keep in your rod holder while you wait for that fish to make it’s final pinwheel!) The dart line tensioner is a titanium rod secured to the pole with tape to jam your dart line, keeping the dart in place on the shank.

These products are for the harpoon only and do not come with a dart, shank, ball or line.

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6' Harpoon, 7' Harpoon, 8' Harpoon


Standard, Bare Pole, Deluxe w/ Safety Snap + Tensioner