Hayabusa Mix Yarn Sabiki Rig
November 19, 2020
January 31, 2021

Hayabusa Red Hook Sabiki Rigs


Hayabusa Red Hook Sabiki Rigs

Available in Size 12 and Size 14 Hooks (6 Hook per Rigs)

  • 30lb Test Mainline
  • 20lb Test Branch

The Hayabusa Red Hook Sabiki Rigs are constructed using fluorocarbon fishing line. This is very helpful when baitfish are finicky and the water is super clear but also makes these sabiki rigs last longer.

Hayabusa Red Hook Sabiki Rigs have 6 ultra sharp blood red hooks, dressed with Hage Red Fish Skin/Aurora Finish teasers. These sabiki rigs are extremely popular among tuna fishermen specifically targeting herring for bait. The red/pink teasers look like krill and fool them every time!

Phenomenal style coupled with equally essential, quality materials, the Hayabusa Red Hook Sabiki Rigs offer saltwater fishermen the opportunity to capitalize on forage feeding habits. Hayabusa is widely recognized as The Pride of Japan for quality manufacturing and high-end engineering standards that help saltwater fishermen catch more fish. These high quality sabiki rigs will fill your tanks fast.

The Hayabusa Sabiki Rigs are copied by many companies. Some come close, but there is no comparison.

Hook Size

Size 12 Hooks, Size 14 Hooks