Joe Shute Lures Deep 6 Series (5.75oz)
March 27, 2015
Custom 48″ Spreader Bars w/ 15×9″ Squids
May 11, 2015

Joe Shute Lures Flatliner Series (8oz)


Joe Shute Lures Flatliner Series, 8oz

Available in 7 of the most popular colors

Joe Shute Lures are among the top fish producers in the world. Developed and perfected out of North Carolina by Captain Joe Shute, these lures have become sought after by many top captains as a staple in their spread. Deadly on all species of tunas like Bluefin, Yellowfin and Big-Eyes. Marlin try to commit suicide on them as well!

Lures feature a large hole through the center of the head for easy rigging.

Although these Lures work as is, most anglers choose to run them over Ballyhoo, Mackerel or other strip bait.

Lure Color

A-Black/Purple, B- Blue/Crystal, C-Glow, D-Green/Chartreuse, E-Pink/Crystal, F-White, G-Candy Apple Red/Crystal