48″ Titanium Triple Bird Bar w/ Zuker Lures
September 6, 2014
September 6, 2014



48 Inch Titanium Spreader Bars

  • High-Flex with great spring action
  • Built from 1/8″ Titanium Stock
  • Same Titanium Bars used to build our Custom Spreader Bars
  • Can be bent back to shape unlike stainless steel bars
  • Use to re-build older bars
  • Use to re-build your favorite bar after fish kills it
  • Use to build you own custom rigs
  • Available in 5-Drop (pictured) or 3-Drop pattern

Our Custom 48in Titanium Spreader Bars come with swivels attached and are ready to rig for you next fishing adventure. Our 48in Titanium Spreader Bars feature a double swivel in the center that is designed to attach your mainline. You should rig your mainline first to the top swivel, then pass through second swivel, in a continuous line for the highest strength.

Using Titanium for spreader bars has become the top choice for most captains that troll for big fish. The high flex and great resiliency that titanium offers, far surpasses the older, traditional stainless steel bars that used to be standard. A Titanium Spreader Bar will allow you to bend the bar back into shape after a fish annihilates your rig, allowing you to re-deploy quickly to fill your hold quicker.

When Titanium first came to the market for fishing gear, it was very expensive. The bigger issue was that many suppliers could not produce enough for the demand that was building. Here at Fisherman’s Outfitter, we source our own titanium blanks and hand crimp the swivels to the bars with precision tools. This not only allows for higher quality control, but also greater customization for our customers and captains.

Spread Pattern

5-Drop (pictured), 3- Drop (center and ends)