48in Titanium Triple Bird Green Machine Spreader Bar
September 6, 2014
September 6, 2014

48″ Titanium Triple Bird Bar w/ Zuker Lures


48″ Titanium Triple Bird Bar w/ Zuker Lures


  • 9″ Center Bird
  • 5″ Mini Birds on Outside Wings
  • 9- 6″ Zuker Grass Skirt Lures
  • 1- 8″ Zuker Grass Skirt Stinger
  • Titanium Spreader Bar, Built in Bird
  • Heavy Duty, Big Game Rigging and Hardware
  • Comes w/ Free Lure Bag

Our Custom 48″ Titanium Triple Bird Bar w/ Zuker Lures is designed to call in the big girls, rigged heavy duty for the chunky one lurking in your spread. This spreader bar is an excellent compliment for targeting large fish that are keyed in on smaller baitfish such as juvenile herring/mackerel or squid. The Zuker Grass Lures this bar is built with are extremely durable and one of the best lures for a daisy chain or even single lure. If you’re looking to add a truly special bar to your offshore arsenal, this is the one.

The Fisherman’s Outfitter Custom Titanium Bird Bars are made to attract big fish. The 9 inch center planes the spreader bar to the surface and throws water into the air looking like a feeding frenzy is taking place. The additional 2 birds on the wings add more splash. This bar works for a multitude of species from Tuna to Marlin.

Fisherman’s Outfitter Custom Titanium Spreader Bars are hand-made by professional staff here at our facilities. We hand crimp every connection to ensure the strongest and longest lasting Spreader Bars available anywhere. Chafe gear is used on all crimped connections . We use the highest quality Hooks, Momoi Leader and Momoi and Jinkai Crimps.

All rigs are available in any combination of  5 Bird Colors.

This mainline features a ball bearing snap swivel in the last squid (before stinger) so you can easily swap out stingers.

Please contact us if you would like any special modification to your custom rigs!

We recommend you use 80lb test or heavier line to troll this Spreader Bar.

Main Bird Color

A- Dorado, B- Skip Jack, C- Purple Mack, D- Green Mack, E- Pink/Blue/White

Main Zuker Color

A- Pink/White, B- Green/Yellow, C- Blue/White, D- Green/Yellow/Orange (Zucchini)

Outside Bird Color

Black, Blue, Green, Pink

Stinger Color

E- Pink/Green/Yellow, F- Green/Yellow, G- Blue/White, H-Green/Yellow/Orange (zucchini)