September 12, 2014
September 12, 2014

Shimano Flat-Side Butterfly Jigs


Shimano Flat-Side Butterfly Jigs

Available in 5 Colors and 2 Sizes


To keep your rods from getting beat up check out Shimano’s Butterfly Cocoon Jig Wraps.

Shimano Flat-Side Butterfly Jigs

The Shimano Flat-Side Butterfly Jigs are some of the original jigs that helped pioneer speed jigging in the United States. This jig is designed to be fished vertically or angled while drifting, and the unique rear/center weight balance design causes the jig to fall to the bottom quickly to mimic an injured baitfish. Anglers need to fish this jig with a rapid yo-yo style jigging technique.

Troubled by being able to see the fish on the fish finder but can’t get them to bite? Looking for an exciting new way to catch more fish?

The Shimano Butterfly Jigging System could be the answer to your fishing woes. Developed in Japan in the early 1990’s to catch Bluefin tuna in depths of up to 500 feet, the Shimano Butterfly Jigging System has been proven to out fish bait in many instances when the fish are finicky and won’t bite.

The Butterfly Jig System is based on four components, the Shimano Butterfly Jig, which has a very unique action both on the fall and retrieve, a sensitive, lightweight and durable rod with a slower action like Trevala, a high speed, high power reel filled with the new generation of super lines. The combination of these products makes catching fish easier, more productive, and flat out fun!




Lure Size

4oz (112g), 8oz (224g), 12oz (325g)

Lure Color

A- Blue Sardine, B- Brown Silver, C- Green Silver, D- Orange Gold, E- Pink Silver