Custom 48″ Donegal Destroyer Spreader Bar
February 4, 2016
Shimano Orca Pop 150mm, 3.1oz
February 19, 2016

Shimano Orca Pop 120mm, 1.8oz


Shimano Orca Pop 120mm, 1.8oz, 52g

Available in 6 Colors


Shimano Orca Pop 120mm, 1.8oz

Shimano’s new Saltwater Popper features a unique “Bubble Chamber” open mouth design based on how a jet engine turns low pressure into high pressure. It also makes the Pop ORCA much easier to work than conventional poppers.

Features Ultra Strong Split Rings and Treble Hooks


A- Black, B- Blue Sardine, C- Green Chartreuse, D- Green Mackerel, E- Pink/Silver, F- Pink Stripe