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January 22, 2016
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February 19, 2016

Custom 48″ Donegal Destroyer Spreader Bar


One of the #1 Spreader Bars off the West Coast of Ireland!

Custom 48″ Donegal Destroyer Spreader Bar

15-13″ Shell Squids, Fully Rigged w/ Free Lure Bag



Custom 48″ Donegal Destroyer Spreader Bar Features 14-13” Black w/ Foil, Clear Belly and Green Line Squid (letter N on chart) and 1 detachable 13” Stinger Hook Bait.

Stingers are available in 16 different colors.

New Squid Color Chart

The Mainline is rigged with 400lb Momoi Hi-Catch line with a 500lb ball bearing snap swivel before the hook bait for easy switching of stingers. The teasers are rigged with 130lb Momoi Hi-Catch.

You can also detach Stinger to use as a great teaser rig for Marlin!

The Dark & Stormy Spreader Bar has been a go to for the last 5 years and is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world for large predator species. This bar will fish well anywhere in the spread from 3.5-8 knots no problem (slow it down for larger fish!). Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Big-Eye Tuna and Marlin are just a few species that are consistently fooled with this rig.

80lb test line or greater recommended

Comes with Free Lure Bag/Carry Case.Mike Delzingo White Marlin on Spreader Bar

Stinger Color

A-Pink/Glow w/ Blue Line, B-Green/Blue w/Glow Belly, C-Orange Mackerel, D-Orange w/ Foil, E-Glow w/ Red Blotches, F-Green/Chartreuse w/ Orange Line, G-Glow/White, H-Pink w/ Blue Dots, I-Black w/ Foil, J-Brown/ Pink w/ Foil, K-Olive/Silver (Sandeel), L-Blue/Silver, M-Rainbow, N-Black/Clear w/ Green Line, O-Green w/ Foil w/ 2 Black Lines, P-Black/Purple