September 9, 2014
3 1/4″ Dexter Russell Net, Twine, Line Knife w/ Sheath
September 9, 2014



  • 15” Blade
  • 10 Teeth per inch
  • Triple Edge, sharpened teeth for fast, accurate cutting
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber handle
  • Handle unscrews for storage/blade replacement
  • Replaceable Blade


The Tuna Saw is an absolute must when a knife just won’t due. Whether your cutting back a gill plate to dress large pelagics or need to saw your catch to make the size more manageable on deck (or just fit inside the kill bag.)

The Tuna Saw takes all the rigorous work out that used to come with cleaning/cutting of large fish like tunas or sharks. The triple edged teeth cut both when pushing and pulling the saw to make cuts clean and fast. This saw also features a replaceable blade so you can save money if you go through lots of saws. Just unscrew at the handle, take the old blade out, put new blade in screw the nut back in.