3 Important Facts About Night Fishing

Safety First!

Night Fishing is different then day fishing for several reasons. The most apparent difference, of course, is the time of day. Night fishing occurs when there is no daylight present and therefore, it is harder to see without the use of some sort of lighting. Here are 3 important facts about night fishing.

  1. The most important factor to remember is your safety. Make sure that the boat deck is clear of all obstacles. This means no tackle, ropes, tools, anchors, fishing gear, or junk lying about on the boat deck. Make sure that everything is in its proper place to avoid accidents.Night fishing also means that you will be fishing by the light of the moon. Therefore, make sure that all your boat lighting is working correctly before you head out on the water. The running lights should be turned on as soon as your start your engine. When anchored, keep your white light on so others will notice it. This will signify your presence to other boaters out on the water, therefore, keeping both of you safe from a boating accident.Take along a battery-operated flashlight to see when your line needs bait and for landing the fish. Keep the use of the spotlight on the boat to an absolute minimum. Only use then when you are near shore to help you to see the pier, shore, and dock.
  2. Be aware of where you are going when you are out night fishing. This means being aware of debris on the water, other boats, piers, docks, buoys, and other watercraft that might be within your immediate vicinity. Do not keep the engine running if you are feeling tired. Turn if off and anchor the boat, have a sleep and then start on your venture once again when you are fully awake.Carry a well-stocked first aid kit at all times. It is better to be prepared should an accident occur. If you like to drink, keep it to an absolute minimum or avoid it altogether when out on open water. Remember you are out fishing and not looking to get sloshed.Have patience when out night fishing. Remember that you will have to rely more on your natural instinct of knowing just when to pull the fish in. Night fishing means limited vision. You can think that a fish is on your line and find out it is only ocean debris.
  3. Watch the weather forecast before you plan your night fishing excursion. Only go out night fishing if the weather is calm and is going to stay that way for an extended period. Carry bug spray to ward off those annoying pests. Have a supply of fresh water and food on board as well as flares, life jackets for all members of your fishing party, a two way radio, fire extinguishers, and other important boating equipment that will aid you in keeping safe.

We hope you enjoyed these important factors about night fishing.