48in Titanium Single Bird Bar w/ Chewy Hoos
September 6, 2014
September 6, 2014

48in Titanium Chewy Hoo Spreader Bar


48in Titanium Chewy Hoo Spreader Bar


  • Titanium Spreader Bar
  • Features 12- Rubber Ballyhoo Baits
  • Heavy Duty, Big Game Rigging and Hardware
  • Detachable, Ilander Lure covered Stinger
  • Comes w/ Free Lure Bag

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48in Titanium Chewy Hoo Spreader Bar

Ballyhoo and halfbeaks are a natural bait found across the globe and most gamefish love them! Our custom rigged, 48in Titanium Chewy Hoo Spreader Bar was created to take advantage of this. At times, when this bait is present off the New England coast the tuna are known for ignoring traditional spreader bars. After traveling to the grounds and watching these bait schools spraying out of the water for countless hours, back to the shop and the 48in Titanium Chewy Hoo Spreader Bar was born. We have had incredible results when halfbeaks or ballyhoo are present, even when they’re not! This bar works wonders for all offshore species including tuna and marlin.

This bar works for a multitude of species from tuna to marlin. If you’re just looking to raise fish into you spread so you can “bait & switch”, just detach the stinger from the ball bearing snap swivel located in the last mainline squid.

Fisherman’s Outfitter Custom Titanium Spreader Bars are hand-made by professional staff here at our facilities. We hand crimp every connection to ensure the strongest and longest lasting Spreader Bars available anywhere. Chafe gear is used on all crimped connections. We use the highest quality Hooks, Momoi Leader and Momoi and Jinkai Crimps.

This mainline features a ball bearing snap swivel in the last Chewy Hoo (before stinger) so you can easily swap out stingers.

Add a little Tuna-Ex Bait Enhancer on your stinger for the ultimate attraction!

We recommend a trolling speed of 4-8 knots and 80lb test minimum on your reel.

warningWARNING: This product may contain chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Stinger Color

Crystal, Blue/White, Blue/Chartreuse, Pink/White